Village Clerk's Office

The Village Clerk serves multiple crucial roles within the Village of Biscayne Park, acting as the corporate secretary, official Records Custodian, and Supervisor of Elections for municipal elections. Appointed by and accountable to the Manager, the Village Clerk plays a vital part in the smooth operation of village affairs.

Key Responsibilities of the Village Clerk include:

  • Preparation of commission meeting agendas and minutes.
  • Handling the preparation and processing of resolutions, ordinances, contracts, and proclamations.
  • Custody and maintenance of the Village’s vital records, encompassing Ordinances, Resolutions, Minutes, Village Contracts, Agreements, and Proclamations.
  • Publication of public notices as mandated by law.
  • Fulfillment of the role as the Records Management Liaison Officer (RMLO).
  • Administration of the publication of the Village Code and Charter.
  • Administration of oaths and provision of comprehensive notary services.
  • Collaboration with Village boards and committees.
  • Management of the Village website.
  • Coordination of Human Resources functions.
  • General administrative duties critical to Village operations.
  • Supervision of municipal elections, ensuring compliance with village, county, and state laws.

Additionally, the Village Clerk is responsible for responding to public records requests promptly and ensuring accessibility of all Village public records. While a Public Records Request Form is available for convenience, it is entirely voluntary, and requesters are not obligated to provide their name or a reason for the request.

Requests can be submitted to Pamela Latimore, Village Clerk, either in person at Village Hall (600 NE 114 Street, Village Park, Florida 33161), via email at, by calling (305) 899-8000, or by fax at (305) 891-7247.

Please note that under Florida law, email addresses are considered public records. If you prefer not to have your email address released in response to a public records request, please refrain from sending electronic mail to this entity and instead, contact the office by phone or in writing.