Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

Discover the future of our community through Biscayne Park's comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). As a vibrant municipality dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our residents, we are committed to strategic investments in infrastructure, facilities, and public amenities. Our CIP outlines a roadmap for the development, maintenance, and improvement of essential assets that shape the character and functionality of our town.

Explore our CIP to learn about upcoming projects, funding priorities, and timelines for implementation. Whether it's enhancing parks, improving transportation, upgrading utilities, or revitalizing public spaces, our plan reflects our dedication to sustainable growth and community well-being. Join us in shaping the future of Biscayne Park as we invest in projects that enrich the lives of our residents and strengthen our shared sense of place.

The CIP is a living document; improvements, projects, costs, approved funds, and timelines may be changed by the Commission due to changing circumstances and needs.  All projects with costs of $10,000 or more must go before the Commission for approval prior to comencement.  Projects under $10,000 may commence at any time without prior approval provided the Village's purchasing ordinances are strictly followed.

Stay informed, engaged, and inspired with Biscayne Park's Capital Improvement Plan Web Page. Together, we're building a better tomorrow for generations to come.