6/13/24 - Flooded Streets, Septic Drain Fields, Contact Info

Several areas of Biscayne Park are flooded.  Public Works and Emergency Management are aware of every area having issues and are working with our partners at the local, county and state levels to bring in resources to mitigate the flooding, block roads, and provide sandbags.

If you are in need of emergency assistance, please call 911.  305-4-POLICE is also available for non-emergency police, fire, and EMS needs.  Calls, emails and texts sent to Village Hall, staff, or Commissioners may not be answered in a timely manner due to the current emergency situation. 

We are fully aware of every area that is currently flooded; there is no need to contact us to report.  You’re encouraged to use our app to report flooded areas for the purpose of the vulnerability study, however. 

·         DO NOT DRIVE ON FLOODED ROADS – in addition to damaging your vehicle and potentially getting stuck, the waves caused by moving vehicles push water further into homes and garages.

·         DO NOT FLUSH TOILETS IF YOUR SEPTIC IS FLOODED – if your septic drain field is flooded, flushing your toilets may cause sewage to bubble back up.  IF YOUR DRAIN FIELD IS NOT FLOODED, FLUSHING IS MOST LIKELY FINE.

·         DO NOT WADE OR SWIM IN FLOODED AREAS - water may contain chemicals, sewage, pesticides, and vehicle fluids.

·         Tap water is safe to drink until or unless posted otherwise. 

Village Hall will close to the public at 2pm and staff will be working remotely shortly after. Residents are encouraged to use email for regular Village business. Contact information is available at biscayneparkfl.gov/contact.

Please monitor our website and/or download our app at biscayneparkfl.gov/app to continue to receive these emergency notifications.