4/11/24 - Vulnerability Assessment Next Meeting 7/8 and New Service Requests for Resident Reporting

�� Join Us in Tackling Flood Vulnerability! ��
As we dive into our vulnerability assessment, we're pinpointing flood-prone areas in Biscayne Park, considering scenarios like sea level rise and severe storms. This data-driven process examines elevation and topography to identify potential flood zones accurately. The assessment isn't just a formality—it's crucial for securing funding to implement effective mitigation strategies.

��️ We Want Your Input!
At our recent public meeting, we shared maps and invited residents to mark areas susceptible to flooding. Your feedback helps validate our data and ensures no flood-prone spots are missed. We also asked you to fill out a comment card that shared your firsthand experiences with flooding, suggestions for flood reduction measures, and where you think our focus should be for mitigation efforts.

�� Save the Date for Round Two!
Our next public input session is on 7/8 at 6 pm in the Log Cabin. Can't make it in person? No worries! We've launched two new service requests in our app (www.biscayneparkfl.gov/app) for easy electronic submissions. Look for the Flood Prone Area – Vulnerability Assessment and Comment Cards – Vulnerability Assessment requests to share your thoughts and photos.

⏰ Time Is of the Essence!
We're collecting input until 7/12. Snap photos of flood-prone spots and share details about water levels for Flood Prone Area submissions. For Comment Cards, simply answer our three questions. Your input will inform and confirm our analysis.

�� No App? No Problem!
Prefer email? Send your info and photos with descriptions to villagemanager@biscayneparkfl.gov.

Let's work together to fortify Biscayne Park against flooding!