6/13/24 - Morning Update

9am: Meeting of All Department Heads


·         We are currently working directly with the County on obtaining resources for handling flooding.  This is multi-county emergency and resources are being brought in from elsewhere in the state.

·         Mayor Groth declared an emergency, qualifying us for FEMA funds (reimbursed).

·         Governor DeSantis declared an emergency, loosening purchasing requirements to allow us to purchase the supplies and services we need without the typical Commission approval (such as large purchases of sandbags).

·         Mayor Levine-Cava declared an emergency.

·         We are working on obtaining more barricades and cones from other municipalities; we have used all that we have.  No additional roads can be blocked off until we find more.

·         Some sandbags have already been deployed.  More are coming and we will distribute them at Ed Burke.  We are working on bringing in additional sandbags throughout the rest of the week. Keep an eye on our app for the notification of when.

·         No issues have been reported with tap water, power, or internet. 

·         We are working on getting tankers from the County (pumping from one area to another won’t work; the entire area is saturated or flooded and there aren't areas to which we can pump). I know this is a frequently requested item; it is unfortunately not feasible as it wouldn’t be effective. 

·         Mayor Groth has reached out to Commissioner Steinberg who is working on getting additional resources.

Next Department Head Meeting: 12pm