Code Compliance Department

The mission of the Code Compliance Department is to work together alongside our community to maintain and improve the safety and quality of life for all Village of Biscayne Park residents. The Village asks that all residents keep in code compliance to maintain the beauty and property values of Biscayne Park.

Code Enforcement Checklist 
Below is a checklist of regular property maintenance and often violated codes, to maintain, improve, and ensure all properties are up to code. 


Property Check List

  • Structures: Repair rotted wood, broken or missing boards, broken windows and or screens, siding, or shingles, and make all exterior structures weather tight, rodent proof and soundproof. Exteriors must be resistant to water and be covered with paint, siding, brick, or stone that is in good condition. 

    • Inspect:
      • Exterior walls  
      • Roof parts including rafters 
      • Soffits, fascia 
      • Roof covering 
      • Railings on stairs, elevated landings, and porches 
      • Fences (must be in good repair and of legal height) 
      • Windows and screens 
  • Make certain to properly dispose of all construction debris, including drywall, tiles, dirt, etc. 
  • Take action to correct any violation. If you have questions, or are working on correcting the violation, but need more time, please contact the Code Compliance Department.
Frequently Violated Codes
  • Yard Maintenance 

    • Property and Swale areas must not become overgrown with grass, weeds, or brush. Lawn and groundcover areas shall not exceed eight inches in height. 
    • All hedges must be trimmed to a height of three feet or less in the front yard and six feet or less in the rear yard. All bare areas of yards must be sodded or landscaped. 
  • Paving/Parking 

    • Driveways must be maintained, repaired, or resurfaced as needed. Please apply for a permit to do so from the Building Department at Village Hall. 
    • All vehicles must be parked on the driveway and not on the lawn. Parking on the median is prohibited. 
  • Street Address Display 

    • All property must display their street address so that numerals and/or letters have sufficient contrast from its background and be legible from the street, alley, or right-of-way upon which property faces. For properties which have frontage on both streets and alleys, the street address must be displayed at both locations. The street address shall be displayed in numerals not less than four inches in height.
  • Garage Sales
    • Garage sales are permitted two consecutive days, twice per calendar year, during weekends only, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and a $15.00 permit is required that must be obtained prior to the event. 
    • Signs advertising garage sales are NOT ALLOWED on medians, stop signs, street signs, utility poles, trees, or on any public property. 
  • Rental Property
    • It is the property owner's responsibility to adhere and maintain all codes, whether absentee or residing on the property.
  • Vehicles
    • On Public Property all vehicles must be registered, operable and display a current tag. No commercial vehicles are allowed in public right of way, except when loading and unloading
    • On Private property all vehicles must be in operable condition or be covered with a proper car cover that is to be kept in good condition. 
    • The village code does not allow the parking or storage of commercial or oversized vehicles of one ton or more in residential areas.
      • Contact the Village of Biscayne Park Public Works Department to schedule this service: 305-893-4346 
  • Garbage, Trash, and Yard Waste 
    • Residential garbage is picked up twice per week, consisting of mostly small household, kitchen, and food waste.  
    • Trash is picked up once per week, consisting of mostly yard trimmings. 
    • Special Pick Up is a call-in service (at an additional charge) for bulk items such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, etc. 
      • Contact the Village of Biscayne Park Public Works Department to schedule this service: 305-893-4346
  • Paint 
    • Paint or other water-resistant treatment is required on the exterior of structures, and an approval from the Planning & Zoning Board is required. Approved brick or stone siding, that is well maintained and water resistant, is also allowed.
  • Outdoor Storage 
    • Outdoor storage is prohibited. Any equipment, materials, or furnishings that are used indoors cannot be stored outside. 
    • Indoor furniture, household appliances, auto parts, or building materials may not be kept outside. 
    • Barbecue grills, lawn furniture, garden hoses, and outdoor play equipment for children may be kept outside. 
    • Storage sheds are allowed at a maximum of 100 square feet and a permit is required prior to installation 
    • Portable storage units (PODS) are allowed on a property for a maximum of 14 days. Prior to obtaining the POD, a permit must be obtained from Village Hall which notifies the Village of the unit and the date that it will be removed. 


The Code Compliance Process 
The Code Compliance process is meant to encourage pride of ownership and provide a baseline for maintaining the charm of our village. 
  • Courtesy notice – a door hanger explaining an existing violation, date to comply, contact telephone number and name of Code Officer for any questions, or to request an extension. 

  • Citation - if the violation is not corrected within the allotted time, a citation is sent via certified and regular mail. A copy of the citation is also posted at the property.