About Our Village

Welcome to the Village of Biscayne Park, Florida!  

We hope that by visiting you will quickly discover the coveted treasures that make our Village the gem of South Florida.  

Established in 1931, the Village was transformed from a field of tomatoes into a warm and vibrant residential enclave with crowned tree canopies and landscaped medians. With the Biscayne Canal and Florida East Coast Railway delineating our Village into its recognizable diamond-shape, our community is a designated bird sanctuary and a natural habitat for wildlife. The Log Cabin is a historic landmark (circa 1933), which formerly served as the Village Hall and Police Station. After 80 years, it was restored to provide a public gathering place for both residents and visitors. As a result, the new Village Hall and Public Safety Annex was constructed to house the Charter Offices and Police Department. Today, the Ed Burke Recreation Center continues to serve as a hub for over 3,100 residents of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities to intermingle. All these amenities have attracted people from near and far to live, work, and play here.