VBP Org Chart

Orgazational Chart

Welcome to the organizational chart of the Village of Biscayne Park! Our village is composed of several key departments, each playing a crucial role in serving our community: 

  1. Finance Department: Responsible for managing the village's financial operations.

  2. Building Department: Oversees building permits, inspections, and code enforcement.

  3. Clerk's Office: Manages village records and serves as the human resources department.

  4. Code Compliance Department: Ensures compliance with village codes and regulations.

  5. Public Works Department: Handles maintenance of village infrastructure and facilities.

  6. Parks and Recreation Department: Organizes recreational activities and maintains village parks.

  7. Police Department: Ensures public safety and provides law enforcement services.


Key Points:

  • Reporting Structure: Each department is led by a Director, who reports directly to the Village Manager. Some departments may also have a Supervisor reporting to the Director.

  • Outsourcing: Biscayne Park adopts a unique approach by outsourcing some or all parts of Finance, Code Compliance, and Building operations, as well as legal services.

  • Commission Oversight: The Village Commission selects and oversees the Village Manager, as well as our legal team. The Village Manager, in turn, supervises all other positions within the organization.

We are committed to ensuring transparency, efficiency, and excellence in serving the residents of Biscayne Park. If you have any questions about our organizational structure or departments, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.